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The Whole Story in One Minute

“Donnie Darko” is a 2001 full feature film written and directed by Richard Kelly is very related to the main topic of “Flatlands”. It just as well speaks about the possibilities of other dimensions and time travel. The story line is complex and is quite confusing at times. However an Australian comediant Tim Minchin manages to explaine all the events in the film in just one minute.

It could be a good idea to try and explain the story of “Flatlands” in a super fast one minute kinetic typography piece?



Subtitles represent another typographic solution of presenting type in time. As every bit of speech is transcribed in written from the placement and form of typography changes the form o the visual element.

Title sequences as type in 4-dimensional space

Another interesting way to represent type in 4-dimensional space, is as it done in film, title sequence.Unlike in print title sequence presents type in evolving environment , that changes over time. Here is an example of title sequence designed by Kyle Cooper, from a film called “Seven”.

Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography – Language

Another great example of kinetic typography that was made from audio recording narrated by Stephen Fry called “”Language” shows how a simple bit of audio monologue could be transformed into another dimension typographicaly. By simply animating tghe type movement.

Kinetic Typography

There is a possibility of representing an idea of type in multidimensional space in terms of kinetic typography. As we can experience an ongoing development of type in not just 3-dimensional space but also as it evolves over time.
One of my favorite examples of kinetic typography is animated example of an extract from “Pulp fiction” that has became overpopulated on YouTube within recent years, because it show an incredible balance of typographic weight as well as a perfect time sinc wicth sound, which at this point shows that exploring the possibilities of including sound in this project is just as important as the visual part.

I think that kinetic typography as of so far is the only way to be able to express type in four dimensional space.Because it represents a 3-dimensional typographic solution that evolves over time, it it a piece of type that works within a same composition that is able to tell a story, as a series of moving images and scenes that can capture and express a piece of text as a happening not as just a moment.