Stereo Graphics

Going beyond the 2-dimensional (2-D) world back-lit screens, modern image makers are getting their hands dirty making products of graphic quality and dabbling with spacial layout for their final design using paper, wires foam boards and other objects.

Here is a collection of an extracted material from a book called “Stereo Graphics: Graphics in New Dimension” that i found very interesting.

"2008 Quebec annual graphic design studios guide, 2008" by Julien Vallée Grafika

In this work Jullien Vollee has used paper to create a very dynamic composition that represents the merge of 2D and 3D. What i find most interesting here, that in the title “Guide Annuel” he uses the natural thickness of the paper it self in combination with camera perspective to create the weight of the font.

Next example is another work by Jean Jullien, Unlike in the first instance here the author used 2D hand rendered type that is situated in 3D environment.

"Cliche Future" by Jean Jullien

Sweeden Graphics has created this bus stop advert for VI Magazine. Using combination, of paper cut type, Photography and digital 3d renders, designer has successfully mixed 2 and 3-dimensional type, creating a very strong illusion of a 2-d media of how it could work in 3D.


Zumtobel by Emillie Rigaud.

This fictive report has been made for Zumtobel, a real Austrian lighting company.
The text is considered here as a raw material: the typographic texture becomes lighter and lighter, then the number of words per page decreases, until the pages become totally white and finally there is nothing left but the intrinsic luminosity of the paper.
The volume letters composing the name “Zumtobel” give rhythm to the book in a playful way, but at the same time they repeat and glorify this name with a bit of irony, as company reports seem to display excessively company’s pride.

What I like in this work is that designer has explored the use of space and how typography made in 3D paper folds interacts with the environment around it.

"Zumtobe" by Emilie Rigaud

"Zumtobe" by Emilie Rigaud


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