I have selected brief number 5 from the range of ISTD 2010 projects.
The brief requires to produce a new edition of 1889 novel called “Flatlands” that tells about Victorian social class system in a form of satirical science fiction. Apart from having a strong insight into the social world of Victorian times, the novel is an incredible blueprint for scientific breakthrough on laws of dimensional space and the formation of our universe.

Personally I have a lot of interest in the subject from both points of view , in terms of understanding the evolution of social classes and from mathematic/scientific point as well. But I would like to undertake this project strictly from the point of view that deals with understanding dimensions.

My aim is to present a new edition of a novel in a multidimensional space, where typography could be explore in not just a flat 2-dimensional form but in 3D, time and possibly 5-dimensional space.

In this project I would like to explore the possibilities of introducing an extra or a less dimension to the original 2-dimensional view o typography and explore it through print.Ideas
My final outcome would be a box set containing a number of folded brochures and brodsheets that would not only provide the whole content of the book, but also include a typographic manual that will explain dimensions in a simplest form possible.

I would imagine that my demographic would capture quite a wide range of skilled professionals in the areas of science,math and design.


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