Takenobu Igarashi – The Great Master

Takenobu Igarashi is one of Japan’s most outstanding, original, and prolific designers. His numerous publications, major sculptures, and graphic projects for clients worldwide have made him one of the most visible graphic designers on the international scene.

He is best known for his three-dimensional letterforms, posters, calendars, and sculptures. Today, he lives and works in Los Angeles, where he is concentrating on large-scale architectural and sculpture projects in Japan and the United States, using more natural materials, such as wood, stone, and ceramics, for his recent abstract sculptures.

Mr. Igarashi’s philosophy about his work is best summed up in these words: “My approach to design and sculpture has always wavered between my wish to do something useful for the society and my desire to create something beautiful with my own hands. In my opinion, there are three essential things in work: passion, challenge, and discovery. Without them, work gets boring; with them work is enjoyable. And artwork which is enjoyable also results in success.”

Here are some examples of his work that I simply liked for their originality as most of those were made a long time before the examples I have shown so far and were probably used as inspirational blueprint for a lot of designers. Those examples deal with such things as type in motion, type in 3D space, architectural type and the process of designing 3-dimensional typography.

Images are taken from http://www.typogabor.com

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