“There is No Why” by Alida Sayer (4d Typography in 3D)

This is a work taken from an exhibition of an artist named Alida Sayer.
I think it is very relevant to the project as it deals with Typography represented in four dimensions using a number o different techniques.
Here is what an artist says herself about the exhibition “In this body of work, inspired by the novel Slaughterhouse-Five … I use projections, printing and hand-cutting processes to explore the question of how we visualise time. The stacking or layering of paper and perspex are just some of the creative strategies I use to communicate a simultaneous vision of past, present and future: a three-dimensional approach to distilling the essence of a four-dimensional universe.”

Photos and information taken from Eye Magazine Blog @ http://blog.eyemagazine.com/?p=586

"Here We Are" by Alida Sayer

"They couldn't imagine" by Alida Sayer

"All Moments" by Alida Sayer

"The creatures were friendly" by Alida Sayer

"There is no begining" by Alida Sayer. Photo by Phil Sayer


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