Jarrik Muller’s Dimensional Typography

Jarrik Muller is an Amsterdam-based designer. His work explores dimensional letter-forms and typography as an object.

I found the below examples of his work quite useful. As the artist himself explains –  he treats type and letters as form rather then the meaning of the letter or word. He always starts from a 2d typeface design which is then through use of material, shadows or color is transformed into 3D typeface that could be viewed from different angles and opens greater possibilities for design process.

His process of work falls in well with the storyline of “Flatland” where we start in 2d land and explore possibilities of 3d Land.

Blok typeface.

This typeface is made out of blocks with on each side another form. 6 or 9 of these forms together creates a letter or a number.

Block Typeface Paper Die-cuts by Jarrik Muller

Blok Typeface Folded Modules by Jorrik Muller


Blok Typeface Full Set by Jorrik Muller


Because the typeface is created from 3dimensional blocks it allows for viewing in 3D as well as in 2D. Also it is easy to create letter forms that can switch in-between the 2 dimensions as well as creating ligatures.

Blok Typeface 2D - 3D and Ligatures by Jorrik Muller


And also as each letter has can be set in different way and in different dimensional view it allows for capturing of some stages of its existence in its fourth dimension(time). This technique could be a great use for the final output of my project.

Blok Typeface. Type treatment inspired by Mondriaan by Jorrik Muller


Images taken from http://www.behance.net/gallery/Blok-typeface/526071

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