Hand Made Font

HandMadeFont is an Estonian based duo ( Vladimir Loginov and Maksim Loginov) that specializes in creating untraditional unique fonts.

I found their work interesting because they explore i wide range of material use in their work while creating 3-dimensional typefaces. Their process is very simillar to those of Jarrik Muller and Paul Hollingworth.

Here is a few nice examples that i have selected from their website http://www.handmadefont.com that offers an incredible range of 3d typefaces made from different materials as well as using CG.


I chose this one because it resembles representation of motion that has been previously attempted to be captured by the Futurist painters.  Motion in time is very relevant to the content of this project in terms of introduction of fourth dimension,

Asteroid Typeface Poster by HandMadeFont

Asteroid Typeface by HandMadeFont


I found this one interesting as well because it captures the same idea of creating a typeface that is moving in time, another attempt to capture motion.

Blur Typeface Poster by HandMadeFont

Blur Typeface by HandMadeFont

Black Metal.

This particular typeface attracted my attention as it uses a very solid material, possibly metall shavings to create form. Just as previous examples it resembles the geometric graps of motion in 4 dimensions.

Black Metal Typeface Poster by HandMadeFont

Black Metal Typeface by HandMadeFont

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